Building the world’s longest marble chute

Posted on Jun 27 2011 - 3:51pm by Julius

An artist/construction worker from Berlin, Germany plans to build the world’s longest marble chute. Walter Mason is aiming to get the world record for the longest marble chute and the longest marble run.

It all started when Mason set out to find a chute for his daughter, and was disappointed with his findings. So, he then planned to make his own marble chute, kicking it up a notch by making the longest one in the world.

He said that it is important that this project is plastic-free as he plans to use laser cut 3mm high-density fibreboards. He plans to build a marble chute that is approximately half a kilometer long, which will beat the current record of 210.31 meters made by Jelle Bakker of the Netherlands.

While discussing the project, mason said: “While I was still in high school, I worked in a very big toy company (as far as wooden toys go, probably one of America’s best), and I had the opportunity to look over the shoulders of some of the design teams. I know that designing a new toy, or redesigning an old toy, is usually a very long process, usually involving a whole group of people, but I think that what makes a design truly great is the singular vision of one person.”

He is hoping to raise money to buy a laser cutter, which will eventually cut the retail price of his chutes to 50 percent. Backers will get incentives depending on their pledges, from having a miniature marble chute to building the record breaking chute in Germany.

Mason plans to build the chute in summer and will be on display after a month. As of today, 77 backers have pledged a total of $6,925.

Are you excited to see Walter Mason complete the world’s longest marble chute?

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