Butt Station Desk Tidy

Posted on Nov 9 2008 - 12:39am by David Gray

BUTTSTATION.jpgCheck out this little ingenious gizmo which at first glance looks like a rather crude and rude device. To the naked eye from a distance it looks like a green man sitting on a toilet but a closer look at the Butt Station Desk Tidy shows you exactly what it is and what it can do for that untidy desk of yours!

The little man is in fact a Sellotape or traditional tape holder which rotates around his hands with a sharp edge at the bottom to cut your tape. Next we have the ingenious pen holder which is located in the little green man’s mouth with further space for additional pens at the back of what looks like a toilet. The cistern itself is actually a post-it note pack and if you lift up your little green friend from the Butt Station Desk Tidy you will see more than enough space to hold your drawing pins, paper clips and any other small object you may have around your desk.

Simple yet ingenious the Butt Station Desk Tidy is something that will appeal to many people who may have untidy desks at home or in the office. Different, yes, useful, very!

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