Call of Duty Black Ops Biggest Game of All Time

Posted on Nov 9 2010 - 4:20pm by Richard Sharp

Call of Duty: Black ops was launched in the UK last night off the back of the most successful pre-order campaign of any game in history. The brand new game sees characters perform covert missions during the cold war era with missions spanning the Soviet Union and Vietnam.

The game features an all new ‘wager match’ feature where gamers can bet against each other using their in-game currency. It wasn’t long before millions of gamers hit the online version of the game, pitting their skills against other Cod veterans and new players alike.

The online game includes four different modes. “One in the chamber” means every player starts with a single round in a pistol – miss and you will be left at the mercy of the other players, unless you are pretty handy at pistol whipping of course.

The ‘sticks and stones’ mode has a great twist, all players start with a knife, crossbow and a tomahawk. If you get hit by a flying tomahawk you are immediately bankrupt – harsh but fair.

The ‘gun game’ is the classic winner stays on/upgrade game. Basically every time you get a kill your gun is upgraded to a better one. You start of with a pistol, move on to a shotgun, sniper rifle and then a rocket propelled grenade launcher (RPG).

The final game mode is ‘sharp shooter’. This will be the game that sorts the men from the boys to find the true Cod warrior. Every one starts with the same weapon then periodically change to a new one (the same). This means players must be skilled with all weapons, no time for one trick pony here.

Activision released a risqué tweet apologising to employers for “all the sick days” that will take place this week.

Experts have predicted that COD: Blackops will be the biggest selling game of all time.

Have you bought your copy of Black ops yet?

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