Call of Duty: Black Ops Review

Posted on Nov 18 2010 - 12:23am by Thomas Sharp

Call of duty is the leader of the FPS genre. The series has sold millions of copies and has made a massive name for itself amongst gamers around the globe. The series has covered a range of eras and scenarios from World War 2 to the covert ops seen today. Recently Treyarch have taken the wheel once more to Produce the hotly anticipated Call of Duty: Black Ops.

Single Player

The story puts you into the shoes of the soldier, Alex Mason, Who is being held captive and is undergoing interrogation. But he can’t remember anything. Throughout the story you will play through Mason’s Memories to find information for the person holding Alex captive. There are a few twists to the story which didn’t hang together, towards the middle of the game I was left bogged down and confused, however towards the end of the game everything clears and there is a very interesting finale.

There are little problems with the single player part of the game, at times my fellow AI soldiers suddenly started acting like complete idiots. For example, they would run into gun fire continuously until they were all dead. You will also find your team mates shooting at walls to try and kill the enemies behind them.  Another frustrating glitch occurs when enemies spawn directly in front of you – almost out of thin air.

Despite these few issues I really felt immersed in the plot of the game and would even consider playing it through again; personally I would definitely say it is the best story in the series.


Now, onto what most people associate Call of Duty games with, the multiplayer mode. Call of Duty: Black Ops includes all of the game modes that were featured in Modern Warfare 2 with a couple of neat game type add-ons.

These include game types such as Bare bones (No Kill-Streaks) and the Gun Game mode which some Counter strike players may recognize. But a word of warning the servers are very unstable at the moment and many of the matches I have played have lost connection and have taken me back to the main menu. Hopefully Treyarch will patch this problem soon.

The levels in multiplayer are well designed; there are small maps for intense firefights such as Nuke town or bigger maps, like Jungle, lending themselves to sniping and stealth. There are a few small problems with these maps, for example some have invisible barriers in places which make it impossible to kill people behind them.

Buying Items in Black Ops is different to that on Modern Warfare 2. Leveling up still unlocks more weapons and equipment but everything can now be bought with CoD Points which you earn from completing daily challenges, leveling up and just generally playing the game.

There is now a lot more that can be customized in multiplayer, so you’ll find yourself spending lots of CoD Points, for example you can now change your reticle shape and reticle lens colours. You can also buy a plethora of paints for your guns and even face paints!

 If you’re feeling lucky or your just good at the game you may want to try the wager matches, in these matches you can gamble your CoD points and if you win you earn more back, but be careful! If you lose, your precious points will be gone forever. There is now another point to using the games prestige mode as well, it still unlocks create a class spots, but also unlock a new leader board, games that only prestiged player can play, new challenges and gold paint for ANY gun at prestige 14 which I thought was pretty cool.

 Also added into the multiplayer is a theatre system similar to that of to Halo 3’s which allows you to capture your awesome kill streak’s and put it on your file share or you can easily retrieve the video off of the official website and post it on YouTube or Facebook profiles.

Zombies make a return
Outside of the Multiplayer and Single player, there’s a mode I know many people love, Zombies! Not to spoil anything but there are 3 different modes for zombies and a few cool new add-ons that kept me entertained for a long time.

Final Verdict

 Call of Duty Black Ops is an amazing package with an absolute tonne of content to keep you entertained. The multiplayer is largely kept the same from the past games with many cool features added. Basically if you love CoD multiplayer, you won’t be disappointed here. The single player part of the game is fast paced and interesting which will make you overlook some the silly A.I problems. When you’ve done all that you still have zombies to try out which is a fantastic experience. Even if you’re a CoD veteran or just a newbie, you should definitely give this game a go!  

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