Can You Spot the Difference Between the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One?

Posted on Nov 11 2014 - 10:11pm by Robert

What are the differences between the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One? That’s one of the questions new buyers of games consoles need to ask themselves

However, there is at least one person who doesn’t seem to think that there is all that much difference to bother about in the first place.

Reggie Flis-Aime is the head of Nintendo in the US and he recently did an interview with Re/code. Among the issues that cropped up was that of exclusive content, where he feels that his firm is well ahead of the main contenders from Microsoft and Sony.

Would Love Top Third Party Content


He said that while he “would love to have” top third party content such as Call of Duty, he prefers a console that offers a “differentiated consumer experience”. This led him to ask what, fundamentally, is the difference between the latest versions of the Xbox and PlayStation machines?

He said that when you look at them together or on their own there isn’t a lot of exclusive content there. In fact, he pointed out that they lack the Nintendo range of games such as Mario and Zelda, relying instead on a lot of shared content.

The head of Nintendo in North America then went on to say that he would “much rather be where Nintendo is”, putting this down to a differentiated platform and set-up experiences that they give to their players.

Flis-Aime said that they would leave it to the other to “battle it out” over which version of the likes of Call of Duty is better.

Do you think that Nintendo’s unique games are a big selling point?

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