Candy wear sweet style jewellery

Posted on Jan 12 2009 - 3:17am by David Gray

CANDYJEWELLERY.jpgThe older we get the more we want to return to those days of years ago when life was so much simpler!

For those who like to look back at the olden days check out this range of candy wear sweet style jewellery which has been specially created in the shape of bracelets and necklaces with the choice of either jellybeans or tooty-frooty sweets to choose from. The surprise success of this range of novelty sweet style jewellery is sure to create its own new market for the future with so many of yesterday’s favourites disappearing rapidly.

The jellybeans or tooty-frootys actually look almost good enough to eat and it is difficult to remind yourself sometimes that they are only artificial and not for consumption. To this end it is worth remembering that the gifts are not suitable for children under five years of age as they pose a potential choking hazard. However, for those a little older and missing the golden days, this acrylic jewellery is something that is different, that stands out and is sure to catch the attention of friends and family.

Novelty jewellery is something which is growing in popularity and looks set to continue this trend in the future. Keep reminding yourself that the jewellery is artificial and the sweets are not real!

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