Capsule Shaped USB Drive

Posted on Jun 21 2008 - 2:28am by Richard Sharp

The Capsule USB - Certainly Makes A StatementThis post is for those that don’t feel particularly comfortable in the crafting of their very own, unique “sawed” off USB drive (I know, I know, but that’s what the creator called it). Fortunately, there’s still plenty of weird, crazy, and simply pointless flash drives available for those that are disinclined to get busy with a craft knife and super glue.

The capsule USB flash drive certainly makes a statement, although it’s not necessarily a positive one. Shaped like a medicine capsule, drives are available in capacity ranging from a meagre 128MB to a reasonably substantial 4GB. Hopefully you won’t find this too difficult to swallow (sorry) but they’re only really available from China so you’ll have to get on Ebay if you’re that desperate for one.

There’s numerous other alternatives out there if you don’t want the capsule. Flash drives have been created to mimic sushi, fish fingers, burgers, saki bottles, and a swiss army knife to name a but a few. It seems that if it can reasonably be hollowed out or a mimic can be created out of vacuum formed plastic then there’s somebody willing to take the plunge and get busy making it – what would the world do without such innovation?

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