Cdiscount To Offer Discount Electronics To The UK

Posted on Sep 15 2008 - 7:09am by Richard Sharp

New Discount Electronics From CdiscountThere’s a fairly major new online discount retailer coming to the UK shores, this time from France, that is aiming to take market share away from sites like Currys and even Amazon. While the latter might be less than concerned at the announcement, the group that operates sites like Currys and Dixons has recently posted negative results and the news is likely to come as a bi of a worry for them.

For consumers, it’s only good news, though. The Cdiscount website from the massive French Casino group will provide users with discounts on electrical, computer, and gadget related items by offering a secure and convenient place to shop online. Cdiscount is hardly the first discount retailer from foreign shores that has attempted to break into the UK market and it almost certainly won’t be the last.

Currys and PCWorld, both owned by DSGi, have reported significant drops in their own online retail channels and this news was partially blamed on the introduction of BestBuy to the UK market. Previously only available to US based consumers, BestBuy is another similar service operating online to give consumers the greatest prices on a range of products.

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