Charlie Sheen ‘The Masheen’ App Brings ‘winning’ to iPhone

Posted on Apr 25 2011 - 9:19pm by Thomas Sharp

Just when you thought Charlie Sheen couldn’t possibly ‘win’ over another user base he goes out and launches an iPhone app in a bid to convert Apple users into following his tiger blood drinking ways. The MaSheen app offers a range of features, one of which could be useful whilst the others are probably best described as a novelty which will provide a few laughs.

Fans of Sheen’s unpredictable quotes will love the ‘mind torpedos’ feature which offers a new mad-capped quote every time the user touches the screen. So what else do users get for their £1.79 investment?

Well the Magik Tiger feature is basically a magic 8 ball with a tiger’s head giving you humorous yes and no answers, this is the marginally useful feature we were talking about earlier because at least use it to make all important decisions – hey some people flip a coin, at least this way they could have a bit of fun too.

The third feature is perhaps the most enticing for Sheen fans, ‘Fastball s of truth’ has some exclusive videos of Sheen with his take on the world and general ramblings. The final area ‘warlock gear’ offers users the chance to buy other exclusive merchandise.

Sheen is obviously excited about his app tweeting last week “great news, world; my new app is finally up and running. it’s epic! #MaSheen the others are ALL FAKE! this one I designed. your welcome. c.”

Have you installed the app yet? If so do you feel like a winner?


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