Chess Drinking Game

Posted on Nov 22 2008 - 2:29am by David Gray

chess.jpgIt may not be the latest gadget on the market, it may not be to everybody’s taste but boy does this Chess Drinking Game make Saturday nights that little bit more exciting!

Chess is a game of tactics, strategy and intellect but how would you cope after downing a few shots as your casualties continue to mount? The game is simple, one chess board and 32 shot glasses each with a picture of your chess piece. Either fill each shot before the game starts or leave them empty and each player who loses a chess piece has to drink a shot from the corresponding glass.

This is a modern day version of the great chess classic but one with a twist because the more pieces you lose the more inebriated you become and the more difficult it can be to think straight. Whether you have a quick game of chess with a friend prior to a night on the town or chance a quick game when you return home is up to you, but a late night Chess Drinking Game certainly adds something of a new twist to an evening out.

Politically correct? No chance!
Fun? Most definitely!

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