Cinemin Swivel Pico Projector Review by Wowwee

Posted on Oct 28 2009 - 2:54pm by Richard Sharp

Pocket projectors were being tipped as the must have gadget this Christmas months ago, and now the most eagerly awaited pocket projector has hit UK shelves. The Cinemin Swivel Pico Projector by Wowwee is now available to buy from RED5, and promises to open up a whole world of sharing opportunities for anyone who likes to share their photos and videos.

wowwee-cinemin-swivel-pico-projector-0So what makes the Cinemin Swivel Pocket projector stand out from any other pocket projector? Well the most immediately obvious answer is the brilliant 90 degree hinge making it even easier to project onto any surface, without the need to prop it up against anything else or use a tripod. After all it is a pocket projector so you don’t want to carry anything else do you?

The other difference between the Cinemin Swivel and other pocket projectors on the market, is the quality of the image that is projected onto your chosen surface. With Texas Instruments’ DLP Technology the Swivel can project a clean and crisp image up to 1.5m from over 8 feet away – or from floor to ceiling in an average sized room. There’s no blurring and the quality of the colours projected are superb, so you won’t be straining your eyes to look at the projections.

This is all packed into a compact 120mm x 52mm x 22mm, weighing in at only 170g (6 oz). And the battery will last for a full 2 hours, giving you enough time to get through most movies – when it does run out you can fully re-charge the battery in 180 minutes.

The Cinemin Swivel is the perfect accessory for phones, iPods and portable video players. You can easily connect your iPod, iPhone, digital camera, netbook and smartphone to the Cinemin Swivel through the AV-in jack. For the majority of media devices the two cables included with your Cinemin Swivel will be suitable to connect so you wont need to buy any other cables to get started. You can connect to most Apple products including the iPhone using the 30-pin connector and 3.5mm-to-3.5mm AV cable, as well as most Flip Video models, camcorders, digital cameras, DVD players and Blu-Ray players using the composite-to-3.5mm cable.

The Swivel won’t connect to all mobile phones, but it will connect to most smartphones and the most popular recently released models from the likes of Nokia, Sony Ericsson and Samsung. You might need a proprietary connector to hook your phone up with the Swivel though, so it’s worth checking this out – there is a list of phones that are compatible with the Swivel on the RED5 site. If you’re going to part with £300 it’s best to make sure it’s compatible with the devices you’re planning to hook it up to!

There is a built in speaker on the Cinemin Swivel, but it’s not as powerful as the images that it projects, so you might want to connect up some portable speakers if you want to get a fuller sound if you’re watching videos or films.

Overall, the Cinemin Swivel Pico Projector lives up to the hype and expectation which preceeded its release. Packed inside the same size of most mainstream mobile phones, the Cinemin Swivel will packs a massive punch with high quality image projection that will bring the small screen to life and transform any room into a cinema. At £300 it’s not the cheapest gadget around, but if you want to command the attention and envy of your mates it’s probably worth every penny!


You can buy the Cinemin Swivel Pico Projector by Wowwee from RED5 now, for £300.00.
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  1. Stephan December 9, 2009 at 10:04 pm - Reply

    While very neat looking (I love the “swivel” feature) buyers be warned – this projector only has 8 lumens 480×320 resolution. A much better product would be the AAXA P2 pico projector (33 lumens 800×600) or the Dell M109 portable projector (50 lumens, 800×600) for about the same price….

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