ColcaSac Zagora MacBook sleeve: made from natural materials

Posted on Aug 19 2011 - 5:04pm by Richard Sharp

ColcaSac, makers of high quality sleeves for MacBooks, iPads, iPhones and Kindles, previously launched its Zagora sleeve for 13-inch MacBook Air and we’ve been sent one to try out.

The Zagora protective sleeve is made from heavy duty natural basketweave hemp that is harvested in rural China, where the material grows very quickly and plentifully. Hemp is naturally grown, easy on the soil and is one of nature’s strongest natural fibers. It uses no pesticides so you know that it won’t harm the environment.

The ColcaSac Zagora will give your MacBook Air excellent scratch and damage protection, thanks to its thick inner lining that also grips your device and keep it secure (it’s fairly tight). Also, the velcro closure, which is thinner and quieter than conventional velcro, prevents your device from slipping out, enabling you to easily remove your notebook whenever needed. The sleeve also has a front pocket that can be used to keep your MacBook Air’s charger in place, ensuring that it stays there comfortably until you wish to use it. The only minor problem with this is the UK power adapter, it fits in at a squeeze.

The ColcaSac Zagora 13-inch MacBook Air sleeve comes in two colors: black and white. The Zagora sleeve is available for $40 (around £25).

Our hunt for the best Macbook Air case will continue, the Colcasac is a decent contender and an ideal case for people who slip their Air into another bag. It’s also less conspicuous than other 13″ laptop cases on the market. You’ll love the quirky use of denim and the ultra soft white interior (just make sure you keep your hands and Air clean).




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