Colorful bike concept is made from recycled plastics

Posted on Jul 26 2011 - 6:27pm by Robert

Plastics have been one of the most popular and most important inventions of our time. Almost all of the products we use today, from grocery bags to device cases, are made from at least one type of plastic. Now, designers are making innovative designs for product made from recycled plastic – kind of important when you consider we are running out of oil.

Designer Dror Peleg designed a bike that looks like a normal bike made from large chunks of plastic called ‘Frii.’ Peleg made use of the injection molding technology, which are being used in a number of products today. Unlike conventional bikes, the Frii environmentally-friendly, as it is made from recycled materials, and the designer specifically created this bike to keep the surroundings clean and green.

Compared to the construction process of a conventional metal bike, the Frii’s is more accessible and less labor-intensive. It can be customized to whatever the user wants.

The Frii bike has 20-inch wheels that are “flat tire”-proof because the material used for making the bike has been inserted over the wheels. The bike’s bearings have been placed into the mold before plastic is injected, so it will be studier.

Riding a conventional bicycle already helps the environment by not emitting carbon, but a bike made from recycled materials? That’s more than what we asked for.

The designer, Dror Peleg, is a student from the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Israel.

Do you think this plastic bike looks cool?


via: Design Taxi

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