COMPAQ Presario CQ5305UK-m Desktop PC Review

Posted on Jun 25 2010 - 8:34pm by Richard Sharp

This is an excellent desktop PC for anyone looking for power, lots of storage room, value for money and, hey, a little bit of style as well. The power comes from the Intel Pentium® Processor E5300. The storage space is provided by a generous 320 GB of hard drive. The value for money aspect we will cover further down the article (I like a bit of suspense in my reviews) and the style comes with a nice, clean look.


The monitor that comes with the Compaq Presario CQ5305UK-m Desktop PC is of a good size, 18.5” to be exact. This, combined with the quality processor onboard and the built in DVD player, makes it a great option for watching movies, looking up YouTube funnies and boring people with your holiday slideshows. The base unit is simple and classy enough, with no garish colours or design defects to spoil the look.

Notable Specifications

The main elements of this Compaq desktop PC are all good quality, high spec and pretty much what you would expect from a machine of this calibre. Intel Pentium® Processor E5300, Windows® Home Premium operating system (64 bit version), good connectivity options, 320 GB of hard drive, 2 GB RAM and Audio 5.1 all make it a good, all round package with no real weaknesses.


This is a good, solid package which will appeal to home workers, internet users and games players equally. Buy on the internet and you can find this quality PC package on offer for a fantastic price of well under £400, which is a real bargain for a machine which offers the power and flexibility of the Compaq Presario CQ5305UK-m Desktop PC.

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