Create a photo mosaic using your tweets

Posted on Oct 22 2011 - 10:45pm by Julius

Photo mosaics have been all the rage for quite a while years ago, and with the current technological advances, it can be made by almost anyone. Now, online gadget retail company Firebox can make portrait posters of a person’s profile photo in Twitter using his or her personal tweets.

The poster is much like a photo mosaic, but instead of using hundreds or thousands of a user’s photos, it uses their tweets. The cost of one poster is £24, and all users need to do is to provide their Twitter user name and make their profiles publicly visible.

“The Twitter Poster is a unique personalised print of your Twitter profile picture, made entirely from your own tweets,” said Firebox. “Packed with all of your insights, musings, recommendations, shout-outs and more, it’s the most insightful, immediate and revealing self-portrait you could ever own.”

The 24 x 24 poster uses 19 point font size and uses around 230 tweets. If there are not enough tweets in a profile, the company will increase the font size.

The font size is big enough for you to read the text from up to 2 meters away. The idea seems pretty cool, but isn’t it a bit weird hanging a poster of your tweets that forms a picture of you?

It’s a great idea if you’re going to hang a tweet photo mosaic of a celebrity that you adore the most. You can also give it to a friend as a gift.


via: Firebox

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