Creative’s new earphones range, elegant colour styling as standard!

Posted on Jun 23 2009 - 8:30pm by Richard Sharp

There are more important things to worry about than the colour of your MP3 player earphones but sometimes there are certain items that are wants and not needs. Just like selecting the most attractive cover for your beloved media player or MP3 there is something to be said for getting a little bit of extra colour and style for the earphones. The Creative EP-630 or Creative EP-650 earphones deliver just that a splash of colour, that provides that extra bit of elegant styling which is undoubtedly as individual and different as you are.

The Creative EP-630 or Creative EP-650 earphones says so much more about you than just the plain everyday white or black in-ear earphones, it screams attention to detail, individuality and ok some might say it also screams more money than sense but we don’t think that is necessarily true. If these were just very basic like the bog standard earphones that most personal audio players come with then there might be a point of fact with that, but the Creative EP-630 or Creative EP-650 earphones are manufactured to deliver a fantastic sound quality, clear crisp audio, sound isolation, rich bass with a high quality music playback via the gold-plated 1.2m Copper Oxygen-Free cable no matter what your music tastes are.

Yes it’s true you could manage without spending in between £19.99 to £24.99 on the Creative EP-630 or Creative EP-650 depending on the style selected, but what you get is a range of exciting colours that will compliment your personal MP3 or audio player perfectly and if you are particularly bothered by small details you could in fact have a different colour to suit an outfit or gym clothes but with an excellent sound quality to match the obvious style advantages. The colour range is inspired by the sea and the names reflect this, so you can choose from Mediterranean Red, Pacific Blue, Pearl Black, Arctic White and Atlantic Green and the Creative EP-650 comes in a stylish chrome finish called Mercury Abyss. The Creative EP-630 or Creative EP-650 also comes complete with additional size silicon earbuds so that you have the most comfortable fit for your ear.

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