Cross Platform Apps – Will Apple Conform?

Posted on Sep 24 2010 - 9:38am by Matt Jackson

There really is an app for just about everything and in a similar vein there is an app for just about every device from your mobile phone and tablet PC to your toaster and coffee maker. If there’s a chip in there then there’s a very good chance that a manufacturer somewhere is working on an app marketplace.

The problem with this is that companies and developers simply can’t afford to create apps for every device and every framework so they tend to opt for creating an iPhone app and an Android app. Once they run out of money they also run out of steam and the app development ends there.

For the consumer it also means that if they find a decent app then it’s necessary to pay for it and download it several times to each of their devices. Again, hardly an ideal solution.

The Webinos project is a German led initative that aims to standardise web apps, most likely via web based browsers, in order that a single app will work on any device. 22 organisations have joined the project and this includes some fairly major manufacturers and developers. However, this and other platforms are likely to fail to make any major impact because companies like Apple prefer to safeguard their interests (or profits depending on how cynical you want to sound).

Another group, called the Wholesale Applications Community has been attempting something similar, but neither of the programs has gained any major foothold on the idea because the biggest manufacturers and producers (ie those that stand to lose the most) will not fully conform to the idea.

Webinos has received a 10m Euro investment in its idea and it’s there intention to use web browsers rather than attempting to translate apps or create yet another operating system. However, without the full backing, support, and intervention of somebody like Apple or Google the whole idea is bound for failure from the off.

Will Webinos work without the likes of Apple giving it their full support?

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