Cross Platform Guitar And Band Controllers

Posted on Aug 21 2008 - 5:22am by Richard Sharp

Rock BandIt’s not very often at all that you get the opportunity say that Sony and Microsoft have clubbed together to do something that will benefit all the users of a particular line. In fact, we think you’d be extremely hard pressed to find any other instance of a partnership this unique. The partnerships means that cross platform guitars and digital instruments for games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band will soon be available.

The instruments represent the biggest outlay of either of these series of games, especially for the Rock Band series because it requires more instruments. There’s also something of a massive war about to explode between the two rival factions; which game is better? Now it’s not entirely necessary to actually ask this question.

The two games have both seen unprecedented popularity. While Guitar Hero was released first, Rock Band introduced the concept of numerous instruments to a single game while also offering one of the most impressive online downloadable content selections available for any application on any platform. There are new Rock Band tracks being added every single hour so that you can get real value for money by investing a couple of extra pounds.

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