Customers Queue Around the Block for Apple iPad 2

Posted on Mar 12 2011 - 4:33pm by Matt Jackson

The launch of the Apple iPad 2 on Friday at 5pm New York time, received ecstatic attention from techno-enthusiasts, some of whom waited in line for most of the day to be the first to get their hands on Apple’s latest release. The build up was somewhat washed out by rain but that didn’t dampen the spirits of those fans wanting to try out the iPad 2.

Despite a slow start at Apple’s New York branch, by the time the iPad2 was ready for sale there were people patiently standing in line for over a block, eagerly awaiting 5pm.  Reports indicate that the queues were pretty similar in length to those seen at the original iPad release dispelling fears that it would be a flop.

In an age where people are keen to be able to announce that they were the first person to buy a product the chance to head up the line was put up for auction by a young student who had been the first to arrive at the 5th Avenue store. The ensuing scramble saw a software developer, happily shell out $900 to have the honour of being the first New Yorker to own the iPad 2. His reasoning being that it would be good publicity for his company which ironically doesn’t seem to being shared – if it was you feel free to let us know.

In Austin, Texas where the SXSW festival is currently being held, a temporary Apple store was specially created for the launch and local John Muehlbauer found himself first in line at 6.30 am on Friday morning. Surprisingly, it wasn’t for another hour and a half before he had company and by midday around 20 people were eagerly waiting the launch.

Apple’s iPad 2 is thinner, lighter and faster than the original iPad which all sounds rosey, however the main problem across the United States seemed to be one of stock levels. Many customers who waited for hours still left empty handed as buying reached the expected fever pitch. Apple’s online line store is currently quoting delivery times of two weeks and with the UK release imminent, hopes are that they are able to solve delivery problems by the 25th March.

Via: Telegraph

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