Cycling peripheral for Wii costs more than the console itself

Posted on Jun 30 2011 - 6:55pm by Matt Jackson

When the Nintendo Wii was released, game developers and fitness companies started to see the potential use of the gaming console for fitness and exercise related games. We have seen the Wii fit boost into popularity and companies have been developing new peripherals for the interactive game console.

About two years ago, Big Ben Interactive teased us with its Cyberbike, a stationary bicycle that also acts as a game controller for the Nintendo Wii. Now that the console has reduced its price to about £100, the Cyberbike is finally released in North America for £125 ($199.00), which is more expensive than the console itself.

“With Cyberbike for the Wii, pedaling on a stationary bike is both rewarding and fun, no matter the time of day or temperature outside,” said Big Ben Interactive Vice President Oliver Veyrac in the product’s press release. “We are pleased to bring Cyberbike to North American consumers, building on the great success that took hold in Europe last year.”

The Cyberbike is a magnetic-resistance stationary bike, which comes with a Cyberbike Cycling Sports game. Reports say that the Cyberbike is compatible with games like Mario Kart Wii, but we aren’t sure about that yet. It sure is a great idea to play Mario Kart using this device.

If Big Ben Interactive’s Cyberbike was released a year ago, it might have been a great purchase, but now that the Wii has dropped its price, the product does seem like an expensive toy.

For more information about Wii’s Cyberbike, check out its official website.

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