DELL Inspiron Laptop Mini 1011 Review

Posted on May 21 2010 - 10:12pm by Richard Sharp

Dell are well known for making small and mobile laptops at a competitive price and the fourth generation Dell Inspiron mini 1011 Netbook certainly is affordable but does it deliver the performance and mobility is boasts? Read on to find out more.

For a netbook to be successful it must be portable, fairly robust and look great as let’s face it you are likely to be using it in public. The 1011 is built with quality in mind and looks good; it is also light enough to carry around in your bag with a barely noticeable 1.35 kg weight.
Dell has put in a great 10.1 inch backlit LCD screen into the 1011. The screen provides clear and crisp images and it is a joy to work on. We thought the colours where pretty sharp too when tested with standard YouTube videos and DVD’S.
The picture is crystal clear when viewed from the normal viewing position, however this is a different story if you are sat to the side or standing above the laptop (so if you are sharing work or a vid with multiple people). This is a very minor gripe though and can actually include some benefits. For example people who are sat next to you on the train or in the café will not be able to see what you are doing, making using your netbook a much more personal affair.
One of the most common things that put many people off buying a netbook is the fear of a tiny unusable keyboard. The engineers at dell have managed to solve this problem by squeezing a larger than usual keyboard into the 1011’s small frame. The keys are comfortable to use and are spaced far enough apart to use comfortably. This allows users to bash out emails with ease or even write lengthy documents on the move, this is Dell’s vision for their mobile machines and is one they have managed to provide with ease.
Hard drive
More than ample storage is supplied with a 160 GB hard drive. This size hard drive is pretty much an industry standard and works really well, it provides enough storage for working on the move, carrying your favourite tunes and movies with enough room for the odd powerpoint or two 😉
We have left arguably the most important aspect of the laptop until last. The processor is the new Intel Atom N450 which is one of the smallest chips available. The 1.66 GHZ processor has a 512 kb cache which manages multiple tasks with ease but that’s not the only important thing with a netbook as you also need it to be efficient which it is due to its small size. We managed to run the machine for 8 hours working continuously and we would dare say this could be improved by turning on the power saving option in windows.
Other features
The Dell Inspiron mini 1011 includes a lot of extra kit that keeps you connected on the move. The inbuilt webcam is great for basic web chat or conferencing and worked straight out of the box with most popular services. Wi-Fi is included and worked well with routers in our office and out and about in Starbucks. Dell have also included three usb 2.0 ports and as an added bonus a 5 in 1 memory card reader – this is a great thing to have on a mobile laptop.
Dell have a history of building solid laptops and have added another string to their bow with this mini 1011 net book. It is a great looking machine that is quick and easy to use on the move. It will help you on your daily commute to either work, rest or play and will continue to provide for your needs when you get home too and £199 from pc world is an absolute steal. Visit PC world below to buy or reserve yours today.

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