Dells new Desktops bring a ray of sunshine to the office

Posted on Apr 7 2009 - 11:19pm by Richard Sharp

Dell have taken the initiative to bring some much needed excitement to the desktop, at last a PC manufacturer has decided to make the ugly looking lumps that generally hide under a desk just a little bit more attractive. The new Dell Inspiron 545 and 546 mini towers, and the 545 slim tower desktops provide a splash of much needed colour to an otherwise dull and unattractive piece of computer equipment. Coming in a range of delightfully garish colours such as Formula Red, true Blue, Plum Purple and Flamingo Pink this revolutionary PC colour palette is bound to brighten up any home office.

dell 545 and 546

Of course for a PC user the colour could be regarded as a rather insignificant issue it is after all what the desktop is packing which is the more important factor, and in this case it is up to 8GB of RAM. Dell are providing the new Inspirons with the usual adaptable ‘custom made’ service so the end user can decide which processor they would prefer. Dell have given various options AMD Sempron, Phenom X4, Athaslon X2 or Intel Core 2 Duo, Intel Core 2 Quad and Intel Celeron options and a choice of graphics cards.

Dell are not usually known for releasing style statements but more recently have been seriously addressing the aesthetics of their computer hardware. Dell are no doubt hoping that the new and improved funky desktops will be as successful for them as their Inspiron laptops which also come in a range of vibrant colours.

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