DICE claims Battlefield 3 is what FPS fans want

Posted on Jun 24 2011 - 6:10pm by Robert

In an exclusive hands-on preview, Digital Illusions CE (DICE) man Patrick Bach told PlayStation 3 Magazine (PSM3) that every first-person shooter fans “crave” for Battlefield 3. Bach said that they want everything a first-person shooter has, adding vehicles and destruction.

“Something I hear a lot from people who haven’t actually played Battlefield is that they’d love a modern day, first-person shooter with everything you have in other games, but with vehicles and proper destruction,” said Bach. He added, “They say, ‘that would be awesome!’ In other words, this is the game everyone claims they want…”

Speaking about their rivalry with Modern Warfare 3, he said “Everyone wants there to be a fight between us — and I understand that — but the problem is if you say it’s a ‘fight,’ you’re assuming you’re competing at the same sport.”

He stated that Battlefield 3 has many things that aren’t in Modern Warfare and it comes down to personal taste. He also told PSM3 that EA and Activision aren’t “competing at the same sport.”

EA Games showed the console version of Battlefield 3 for the first time this morning.

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