Diogene; A Self-Sufficient Hut for Green Hermits

Posted on Jun 21 2013 - 9:44am by Robert

Wouldn’t it be great to live like a hermit for a while? Sure, the lack of conversation would drive you mad after a while and you would probably start making friends with the little animals and shooting trespassers in the behind with a blunderbuss, it would be fun for some time.

Anyway, if you ever feel like living like Grizzly Adams (he probably wasn’t a hermit but famous ones we could mention are kind of thin on the ground) then you will want a house with some gadgets in it, won’t you?

Well known architect Renzo Piano knows what you want and he has designed a hut which is rather pretentiously called Diogene. Apparently this is the name of a famous Greek dude who mocked Alexander the Great and lived in a jar but we would have called it the Grizzly Adams Shack if we had the chance.

Green Gadgets

hermitIt is a tiny, minimalist hut which collects rainwater to use in the shower and in the green toilet and it is powered by solar panels. Most of the furniture can be stored away to save space and give you plenty of room to plan your quest for world domination or whatever the heck you are doing out there all alone in the woods when you could be at home watching The Simpsons and ordering in pizza.

You didn’t think the gadgets in the hut were going to be cool Wi-Fi type stuff, did you? Oh no, if you are going to live like a hermit and eat stuff which doesn’t come with microwaving instructions you want the kind of gadget which lets you shower in rainwater and do a poo without destroying the planet.

Sustainability for one is finally here, would you like to live in one?

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  1. Erik Jay July 18, 2013 at 5:25 am - Reply

    VERY cool. And since it is not on the ground — it's on a platform, or could be on a trailer — you don't need a permit. You can park it on your land and live in it. Period. I am in the Santa Cruz Mountains on 11 acres, on a small one lane mountain road… and there are still too many people around for me. This little sucker sounds like a cheap way out. Hmm… for a trip or vacation, at least.

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