Dirt Devil Dash Review

Posted on May 11 2010 - 1:13pm by Richard Sharp

The Dirt Devil Dash is undoubtedly one of the most stylish and appealing vacuum cleaners ever produced and although it is clear to see that the designs of recent Apple gadgets have influenced its construction, it does not look or feel as though it is a knock-off attempting to garner praise based on the success of a device from a completely different industry.

The Dirt Devil Dash is a neat unit housing in an upright charging dock. The dock is rounded and sculpted to look futuristic and when you slot the vacuum cleaner into it for recharging, blue light glows out from the base and the rim of lights which encircle the unit half way up. These touches are only partly practical, but it is detailing like this that distinguishes the Dirt Devil Dash from alternative handheld vacuum cleaners that consumers might also be considering.

Dirt Devil is an established brand in the handheld vacuum cleaner market, but if you compare the look of the Dash to any of its other models, there is a marked difference. The whole thing is largely crafted from white plastic and this is reminiscent of the first generation iPods and a range of other gadgets which attempt to take design forward.

The handle of the Dash loops over the top of the device and boasts chrome detailing which is echoed in the burnished finish of the power button. The whole thing looks cylindrical when docked, but it sticks with the traditional shape and style for the intake as this is clearly the design that has been proven to be the most effective over the years.

The whole device is a shade under 40 centimetres tall, so it will not be overly obtrusive when placed in the corner of a room and the 1.8 metre cable should give you enough length to play with for what is ultimately a wireless device. The only question that remains to be answered is whether the Dirt Devil Dash is an example of aesthetic advancements over substantive cleaning improvements.

If you ignore the looks of the Dirt Devil Dash and focus purely on its functions, you should be fairly satisfied about its capabilities when compared to its competition. It is a handheld rechargeable vacuum cleaner that its manufacturer claims can keep operating for 15 minutes at a time without needing to return to the charging dock.

The unit weights 1.36KG in total, which means that you will not be straining if you use it regularly to clean those hard to reach areas of your home or business premises. Once the dust and dirt has been sucked in by the 9.6 volt motor, it will stay put because there are three tiers of filters to contend with. This means that you will not end up inadvertently spreading the freshly vacuumed detritus back over your carpets once you point the nozzle downwards.

The total capacity of the Dirt Devil Dash is 0.3 litres, which may not sound particularly high, but is perfectly acceptable in this market. You should not be expecting this device to consume vast quantities of dirt and dust, but rather to be ready and waiting to take on the small spillages and squeeze into those areas that other devices cannot readily tackle.

At the moment the Dirt Devil Dash is somewhat of an unknown entity in the handheld vacuum cleaner market. It has only been available for a few months and thus far no respected independent consumer reviewer has been able to get their hands on one to field test it against various other alternatives. This might have been a worry had the device not been the product of a well-known vacuum brand and there is no doubt that the association with Dirt Devil will give a certain degree of buying confidence to any prospective purchasers. Retailer Sainsburys has also decided to stock this device which should further indicate its innate quality.

The Dirt Devil Dash is obviously a competent handheld vacuum cleaner, but the bold styling will divide some observers. It would probably look a little out of place in a home that has conservative decor, but ultra-modern homes with all of the technological trappings of the digital age are likely to welcome this gadget with open arms. There seem to have been no functional sacrifices made in ensuring that the Dash is cutting edge and visually appealing, so much is really down to personal taste in deciding whether this is an appropriate product for you.

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