Do you want to scribble on your iPhone or iPod Touch?

Posted on May 27 2009 - 8:36pm by Richard Sharp

gi_writepad1_gifPhatware Corporation have just published a press release giving the exciting information that they have developed a special text editor App designed specifically for the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch MP3 players. This sophisticated technology will allow users to write directly onto their Apple smartphone or iPod screen in either portrait or landscape using their finger. The text editor will analyse and recognise all types of handwriting from print, mixed and cursive styles, and will provide a full editing suite including spell check, cut and paste etc. The Writepad will learn your writing style as you go but should you encounter any problems there is a full tutorial to help when using it.

It does take a little bit of playing with at first but you soon get the hang of it. For users with poor eyesight this is a godsend for sending quick emails, writing notes etc without the need for glasses. As you write directly on the screen in what ever handwriting style you please your messages will appear before your eyes without the need to use the keyboard – although you can mix and match should you prefer. At the moment the Writepad 1.8 Demo is a free App for the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch MP3 players so it is well worth downloading and having a play. We have all tried it today in the office and think it is great. . Phatware have a range of other Apps all based around the same theme for Apple iPhone and iPod Touch MP3 players including WritePad Events, WritePad Notes and WritePad Affairs which are all currently priced at £1.79 each on the Apple iTunes App store.

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