Do Your Bit For The Next Generations Even When You’re Dead

Posted on Aug 24 2010 - 11:33am by Matt Jackson

According to the environmentally aware among us, we need to do more to protect future generations from the ravages of global warming. There’s green this and green that, and just about any item can be bought in its more standard variety and an ecologically sound version. One of the more morbidly amusing green items we’ve managed to find is the ecopod which is a green coffin both in terms of its colour and its biodegradability.

Rather than looking at fine mahogany caskets, interested parties will be considering their greenfield burial in what looks like a green body bag that is made from recycled newspaper and finished with recycled silk and mulberry leaves.

One slight oversight, we believe, is the fact that the manufacturers seem to think only people 6 foot or under would be interested. Two sizes are available – the small takes people up to 5 foot 3 and weighing up to 15 stone while the large ecopod will take people up to 6 foot in height and weighing 18 stone. If you’re over 6 foot then you could always zip two together, maybe, or be folded in half.

Although the picture is of a green (colour) one, there are actually three different designs; a blue one with doves on, green with a celtic cross, or red with an aztec sun. They come with a securing harness and, erm, carrying handles. The £769 price tag also includes delivery, although we assume that means delivery of the empty ecopad and not once it’s occupied.

If you’re really seriously serious about green burial and are interested in an ecopod for your end of days then you can buy one at Nigel’s Eco Store.

Are you considering a natural eco-burial?

Will you be buying the green body bag, sorry, natural burial pod?

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