Does The Modular Mobile (Modu) Represent The Future Of Mobile Communications?

Posted on May 20 2008 - 3:12pm by Richard Sharp

Modu - The Modular Mobile PhoneThe mobile communications industry is constantly evolving and transforming. The modular mobile phone is one possible direction for the industry, and in the Modu we have a potential trend setter. Slightly bigger than a domino, the Modu is a mobile phone stripped down to only the most essential components.

The screen is small but does its job, and there are no discernible numerical keys. It will send and receive data in the form of voice and text packages and it will store up to 16GB of data including software, images, and contacts. However, the ingenious idea behind the Modu is in its modular lego style application.

Modu owners can buy new “jackets” that completely change the look and feel of the phone. These jackets can also include their own modules that offer additional features and functions to the phone. An mp3 jacket would turn the phone into an mp3 player and so on.

What’s more, Modu Mates are other electronic devices compatible with the Modu that can be connected together to create something entirely different. It’s sort of like an advanced Meccano set. An example is the Modu Media Mate – the Modu slips inside and the combined device can then be used to watch video, listen to music, look at pictures and so on.

The only potential problem with Modu is that it needs to catch on before it really offers value to users. Other manufacturers need to see the potential before they will develop Modu Mates of their own but if this happens then it could well be the way of the future.

The potential is great. You buy a Modu, and a selection of jackets and Modu Mates. When you come in at night, you can slip the Modu into the Media Mate and watch streaming video, or connect to the Internet with a different Mate. Choose the Smartphone jacket when you’re going to work so your Modu is functional with a full QWERTY keyboard. When you’re going out, swap it into one of your new designer label informal jackets and away you go.

The possibilities don’t really end there either. If it does take off, then the Modu will be used to store information about you – carry vital information with you and use public Modo Mates to upload data and save masses of time.

The key to the success of this as a groundbreaking idea really does lie in the success of the first Modu itself.

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