Dogs Or Cats Arse Pencil Sharpeners

Posted on Jul 8 2008 - 5:15pm by Richard Sharp

The Mutt's Nuts Of A Pencil SharpenerIt’s the kind of thing that makes you glad you work in an office and will have you blunting your pencils on a regular basis. The Cat’s Arse Pencil Sharpener (also available is the Dog’s Arse model, depending on your preference) is a plastic cat shaped or dog shaped pencil sharpener respectively. Stick your pencil, sharp end first, up its bum and twist to give your lead a point.

The litter tray acts as a sharpening collector, picking up all the wood and lead debris as it falls out of your desktop pet. Even better, though, is the audio chip that lets out a slightly alarmed meow or bark depending on the model you bought (well, wouldn’t you let out a similar noise?) whenever you sharpen.

You can choose from a black or white car, or a white dog and we promise that you’ll be the envy of your office. You’ll have them queueing around your bank of desks begging to let them use your little pet. You can keep your electric pencil sharpeners and your retractable pencils because these make wooden pencils with gnawed ends cool again.

When surveyed, 8 out of 10 cats preferred not to be used as a pencil sharpener.

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