Dokkiri case for the iPhone 4 is the creepiest we’ve seen

Posted on Aug 7 2011 - 9:45pm by Julius

Halloween is just a couple of months away and that means that it’s time to thinking about creative costume ideas, as well as a theme for the party if ever you’re going to throw one.

Just when you thought Japanese products couldn’t get any weirder, they go and make the Dokkiri Hand Case for the iPhone 4. The Dokkiri Hand Case is a black case for Apple’s iPhone 4 that has a rubber human hand on the back. This creepy iPhone case will make you hold a severed human hand while talking on the phone. Weird.

Lots of people ask why this idea came to be. No one knows why. Maybe severed hands are all the rage in Japan? Or maybe it was designed for lonely people who just want to hold hands? There may be lots of reasons, but we assume that its manufacturers aim to make it a hit on horror shows.

The Dokiri Hand Case come in two variants: a “Child Hand” and the “Lady Hand.” This iPhone case is so creepy, even its official products page gets creeped out. “This case is crazy. This case is creepy. And for some people, this case is absolutely awesome,” says its Strapya page.

Strapya will start shipping the Dokkiri Hand Case for the iPhone 4 in September, with a price tag of £40. That’s a lot of money for something that is just crazy.


via: Ad Week

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