Don’t scrap Grandad convert him on the Ion VCR 2 PC VHS

Posted on Apr 12 2009 - 8:51pm by Richard Sharp

ion-vcr2pc1It’s a pretty sad state of affairs that if you have a video collection then you are probably now regarded as ‘of the older generation’. The advent of DVD and now Blu-ray disc technology makes the dear old video collection a dust gatherer in the cupboard, and if you are like us you just can’t bear to throw away your old Star Wars collection or your classic Rocky films. Yes of course you could buy them on DVD but then it would mean throwing your originals away, and well that is like throwing your Grandad away because he is old and sits in the corner not doing very much. It just isn’t going to happen, you love him after all!

Luckily the video collection is easy to deal with now with the Ion VCR 2 PC VHS digitiser, this clever device will convert your VHS video tapes to digital video files on your PC via a very simple USB cable connection. OK, it’s not going to be the quality of your Blu-ray or DVD’s as the Ion VCR 2 PC VHS only has one codec option for a start but it means that you can still enjoy your videos and you won’t feel guilty about selling them at a car boot sale afterwards.

To use the Ion VCR 2 PC VHS digitiser you will need to first install the EZ VHS Converter software, then the simple one cable plug in USB link goes directly to your PC and push the button and you are able to enjoy your old VHS collection or home movies once more. To our delight once you have converted using the Ion VCR 2 PC VHS digitiser you can then upload the files to your iPod or mobile phone that supports playback of videos. The Ion VCR 2 PC VHS digitiser is priced at just under £150 so it isn’t cheap, but if the whole family invested in it then you could share it around allowing for the whole family to utilise this useful bit of kit.

Now do they have a simple USB device for Grandad?

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