Don Your Silly Glasses, Crack Open The Popcorn, And Turn On Sky 3D

Posted on Oct 1 2010 - 11:04am by Matt Jackson

That’s right, the moment that at least a handful of us have been waiting for is finally here – Sky 3D has launched.

The new, dedicated 3D channel will air for around 14 hours a day starting at 9am. We imagine day time 3D TV to be the likes of Jeremy Kyle but are reliably informed that it will in fact be programs like football and sporting events, because these lend themselves perfectly to the whole 3D experience. There are also films and a few other select programs.

With 14 hours a day to fill we guess that’s going to mean a rolling playlist of a few hours that will be repated throughout the day and week, although we do expect it will grow over time as more and more media companies sign up to the whole thing.

Before you get all giddy and try it now, you do need to own a 3D TV which cost an average of around £2,000 with some cheaper sets available although you can probably sit in Currys for a couple of hours watching one of their Samsung display models if you don’t mind the constant badgering and offers of assistance.

You also need to have a pair of lovely shutter glasses and you’ll need the whopping Sky package at around £61 per month to get the channel.

Hey, we said 3D is cool, we didn’t say it was cheap.

Virgin, who recently announced their own 3D TV On Demand service, have now announced that they will be expanding their HD service too. Sky 1 HD is available pretty much straight away for free to XL subscribers. They will also be adding more HD channels including BBC1 HD and a variety of other HD channels.

TV lovers have a lot to be happy about at the moment.

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