Don’t Be Rude: Chat to Your Fridge

Posted on May 19 2014 - 7:26pm by Robert

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a fridge you could talk to? Hey, they’ve got a thing for that now.

Up until now chatting to electrical appliances has been a fairly frustrating experience, with the chances of a sensible reply being close to zero.

However, that is all about to change thanks to LG. The technology firm has developed a text chat function that lets you talk to your fridge and find out what is inside it. If you are feeling especially chatty you can also talk to the other appliances in your house.

The bad news is that at the current time this app is only available to LG customers who live in South Korea using the Smart Home service. However, it is believed that it will be rolled out to other parts of the world at some point.

Talk Using Line


The way it works is that fridge owners can use the chat app Line to talk to their LG HomeChat devices at home. So, how does the fridge know what is inside it?

This is thanks to a wide angle camera that it built into it. This then takes a picture of what is inside it every time the door is opened or closed. This means that one of the things you can do is ask it to give you the latest photo, so you can see whether there is something you need to buy.

The smart fridges also come with something called Freshness Tracker software. This is used to let the owner know about any food items in there that have passed their use-by dates.

Would you like a fridge you could talk to?

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