Download a free guide to iOS5 for the iPad

Posted on Dec 20 2011 - 12:20pm by Richard Sharp

Back in October, Apple released iOS5, bringing a host of new and updated features to the iPad. It introduced the iMessages app for sending text messages and photos between iPads, iPhones and iPods; the Reminders app for managing your to-do list; and iCloud for backing up and synchronising your iPad wirelessly.

Apple also took the opportunity to enhance many of the existing apps and features. You can now do basic photo editing on the iPad, including cropping, rotating and simple colour fixing. The Notification Centre provides a single place for all your app updates, so that you don’t get continuously interrupted by alerts. Tabbed browsing makes it easier to switch between different web pages, and new gestures make it easier to hop between apps. The split keyboard enables you to type comfortably when holding your iPad, and Twitter has been integrated throughout the built-in apps.

You can now download a free 47-page guide to iOS5 for the iPad, written by Sean McManus, author of iPad for the Older and Wiser, and designed by the team at John Wiley & Sons, who published the book. The guide shows you how to install iOS5 on your iPad (if you have one that predates iOS5), and then introduces the key features and updates with screenshots and clear text. It’s full colour throughout and is available in PDF format, so you can read it on your iPad, your computer or on paper if you print it out.

Download the free iOS5 for the iPad guide here.

What’s your favourite new or updated feature in iOS5?

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