Duke Nukem Forever Multi-Platform May Release Date

Posted on Jan 22 2011 - 4:53pm by Thomas Sharp

In the past game developers have made fans wait a long time for new releases, take Gran Turismo 5 which took 5 years to develop for example. However the five year wait is eclipsed by the upcoming Duke Nukem Forever title – which has been under development since 1997!

Granted during the 13 years there were multiple ‘hiccups’ and even complete false starts with the game that has returned to the drawing board on more than one occasion. Thankfully we now know that Duke Nukem Forever will be released on 3rd May in America with a worldwide release date following a few days after.

3DRealms, the original team behind the game received a take over bid and started afresh on perhaps the most anticipated first person shooter of the last decade. The original games opened up a new world of first person shooters and this new incarnation is likely to be extremely popular.

The games publisher, 2Kgames, is promising the same blood and gore, foul language, violence, sexual content and mature humour. Basically expect Duke to be blowing holes in pig cops, alien enemies, smoking, funny one liners, drinking, saving naked ladies and of course looking very cool whilst doing it. They have kept classics such as the shrink ray and upped the ante with side games, multiplayer modes and other activities too.

Duke Nukem forever will be a multi platform game, so XBOX, PS3 and pc owners will all be able to get in on the action. Amazon has the game on pre-order for £43.71 on the PS3 and XBOX, PC owners can get the game for £29.10.

So are you looking forward to seeing Duke again?

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