Dyson DC24 and DC25 All Floors Vacuum Cleaner Review

Posted on Oct 26 2008 - 10:02pm by Richard Sharp

This is a gadgets and gizmos first as we have never reviewed a vacuum cleaner before. However every now and then we come across something that really is innovative and deserves a mention. We have taken a closer look at the cleaner with a ball that has the suction of a cyclone.

In the past I had always believed all vacuum cleaners were the same and that spending more on one would really make a difference – I was wrong. We have tested the DC24 and DC25 Dyson machines to really prove you do get what you pay for.

Both cleaners benefit from the Dyson ball technology which make the cleaners much more maneuverable. The ball also houses the motor (the heaviest component) which improves the performance even more due to the low centre of gravity it produces.  Both cleaners also both use a turbine head (basically a spinning brush inside the vacuum head) which allows them to suck up even the most ground on the thickest carpet pile.

The DC24 and DC25 also both benefit from root cyclone technology which guarantees no loss of suction. During the last two months that we have used them this certainly has been true and we have used them a lot!  The air drawn in is forced through a filter (which has a life time guarantee and can be washed under the tap) that actually cleans the air in the room. When the air emerges from the exhaust it has been filtered to such a degree that it is clean again! This is amazing for allergy sufferers or people who generally dislike smelly vacuum air. Both cleaners perform well but are suited to different environments.

Dyson DC24 The two models in question do have some differences. The DC24 is smaller than the DC25 and is meant for appartments or small houses.  The DC24 has a removable collection bin of 0.85 litres and has a powerful air suction power of 120 watts. It works well on any floor and benefits from one touch brush control system which allows you to turn off the heads brush when on a smooth floor (such as tiles or hard wood). In other vacuum cleaners this is not possible and can lead to scratched floors – the Dyson does not have this problem and is truly versatile as it will keep suction on every floor surface.

 The DC24 has a collapsible handle which makes storing a breeze, this compact vacuum cleaner really is designed for the smaller home. I would say this machine would be ideal for someone who wants to keep their flat or small home sparkling clean. However if you have a larger home you will need to step up to the larger DC25.

Dyson DC25The DC25 is a full size Dyson with a 1.5 litre collection bin meaning less emptying.  It also has a more powerful motor which delivers 220 air-watts of continuous suction. This makes it man enough for the largest of houses or offices.  It also has a nifty 16 foot hose which can be deployed quickly, this makes hoovering the stairs quick and painless. The DC24 and DC25 both have a nifty multi tool which allows users to reach any nook or cranny with ease.

We were very impressed with both models which both come with a five year warranty and as mentioned above are not the cheapest vacuum on the market.  However you do get what you pay for and these cleaners do exactly what they promise.

DC24 specifictation:

Dimensions 746 by 349 by 280 mm (HxDxW)
Weight 5.4 kg
Suction power 100 airwatts (constant)
Bin capacity 0.85 litres
Cord length 6.1 metres
Max reach 8.7 metres


DC25 specification:

Dimensions 392 by 1071 by 310 (WxHxD)
Weight 7.4 kg
Suction power 220 AW
Bin capacity 1.4 litres
Cord length 7.5 metres
Max reach 12.3 metres


The best place we have found to buy these cleaners is Amazon. They are the cheapest and will deliver free.

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