Dyson Hot bladeless fan warms and cools your room safely

Posted on Sep 16 2011 - 9:46am by Robert

After selling millions of his towel-less dryers, bladeless fans and bagless vacuum cleaners, Sir James Dryson has developed a new device that warms rooms.

Sir James’ new product, called the Dyson Hot, uses a technology first developed for the Air Multiplier to generate air flow without moving parts. The Dyson Hot is a mile away from the conventional fan heaters that have remained unchanged for more than 30 years.

“Other fan heaters rely on inefficient motors or dust friendly grills,” explained Dyson. “As the heat rises you’re left with a partially heated room and a worrying burning smell. Dyson engineers have developed a heater that produces no smell and heats the whole room”.

The Dyson Hot is a “warmer” development of Dyson’s last device, the bladeless fan, which he unveiled in 2009. The fan sucks in air from the surroundings and then warms it as it passes across the hot ceramic stones to create hot air, warming the room.

Dyson said that the device creates a jet of hot air that passes over a ramp channeling its direction. The device can amplify air drawn up to six times, in a process known as “inducement and entertainment.”

Users can also turn off the heat function of the device, allowing he fan to cool the room when it’s summer. The fan also turns off automatically when it gets knocked over.

The Dyson Hot is now available at the company’s website, Dyson.co.uk, and will be released nationwide in October. You can get the Dyson Hot for £269.99.


via: CNET

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  1. James September 19, 2011 at 3:54 pm - Reply

    Interesting invention but far too expensive for most people. I can't see too many people buying this though. People with enough money to buy one would probably have no need for one.

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