Easily The Coolest Looking USB Drive You’ll Ever Make

Posted on Jun 21 2008 - 1:50am by Richard Sharp

The Home Made Broken USB DriveFirst, a cautionary tale – while this is easily the coolest USB drive you’ll ever see, it’s also not in production yet and was created by a home modder of the kind you’ll probably never meet; and if you did I doubt you’d want them round to look at your home set up. However, if you’ve got the time, the patience, and a spare bit of USB cable it is a great way to waste a few minutes.

USB drives already come in a huge variety of disguises but whether you’re wanting a unique approach to personal data security (who exactly is going to think of stealing the torn, burnt, or otherwise decimated USB cable from your PC?) or a completely unique looking USB flash drive this has to be one of the better options available to you.

Check out the Evil Mad Scientist blog to see detailed instructions on how to get your own although we do suggest that you go with a bit of old cable that’s lying around rather than a brand new one. We’ll likely be featuring a few more madcap mods from their website because there’s some incredible stuff on there.

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