easiskins iPad 2 Rear Case works with Smart Cover

Posted on Apr 14 2011 - 4:00pm by Richard Sharp

One of the main downfalls of the Apple iPad 2 smart case is the fact that it only covers the front of the tablet. Granted the innovative way it puts the iPad into hibernation and wakes it up again with a flick of cover is great but we don’t like the grubby marks and scratches the rear of the tablet is exposed to. So we were very impressed to find this prototype from easiskins at the Gadget Show Live.


We spoke to Richard Rogers, the head honcho of easiskins to find out a little more about this iPad 2 life saver. He told us that this is one of the first prototypes although consumer products will be delivered to their HQ this week to be prepared for packaging and hopefully shipping in the near future. The easiskin for the iPad 2 comes in the same colours as the polyurethane smart covers provided by Apple, Richard also confirmed that a black version would be made for people with the posh leather cover.

The product is very thin and actually adds to the look of the iPad, there are cut outs for the speaker and other buttons and easiskins have even machined out the Apple logo so it can seen through the skin. This is the case that Apple should have built, we managed to video Richard giving a short demo of the iPad 2 easiskin and leather look iPhone 4 skins too.

[vsw id=”JSZLrs5ktGg” source=”youtube” width=”600″ height=”425″ autoplay=”no”]

We will bring you more information and hopefully a full review once the product has gone live.


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