eBay Reveals Apple iPad 2 Sales Data

Posted on Apr 3 2011 - 12:16am by Thomas Sharp

Although the iPad 2 has been available to buy for three weeks now there is still no official word from Apple regarding sales. Last week eBay threatened to release sales info since the official US release date on 11th March and today it has officially been rolled out for all to see. Although the figures are based on the US facing site they showed significant demand and sales around the world.

When compared to the same time last year unsurprisingly more tablets where sold in the US. In 2010 65% of US iPad’s where actually exported via eBay out of the US. In comparison 65% remained in the hands of US buyers. So they were purchased in the US and changed hands between fellow citizens via eBay. Why? Well the 4-5 week wait for delivery probably had something to do with it.

The first two weeks yielded 12,000 iPad 2 sales on the site with the base 16GB Wi-Fi version accounting for 3,600 of these (that’s 30% of overall sales). Interestingly the most expensive 64GB 3G model was the second most popular with 23% of all sales.

Eager buyers are also willing to pay over the odds with the 16GB model fetching $198 on average above the RRP with the 64GB coming in at $406 over the RRP. Some obviously went for less although some went for a lot more. One listing on the UK facing site started at £1200 for the 64GB model!

Presumably other regional versions of eBay will be experiencing the same demand as the average waiting list is around 3-4 weeks.


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