Eco Bathroom recycles water from your sink

Posted on Jul 15 2011 - 11:07am by Julius

With the faster decline of out planet’s water supply, conservation of water has become a very important issue. Conservationists agree that the recycling of water is an effective method of conserving and reusing water. Designer Michael Passos of Sao Paulo, Brazil came up with an eco-friendly bathroom product that works by reusing and recycling water.

The Eco Bathroom is an integrated sink and toilet bowl. This structure reuses water used in the sink, saving approximately 25 percent of water usage. The external design of the Eco Bathroom remain similar to the commonly used ones, except the rectangular box that holds the two together. The box hides the pipes connecting both the bowl and the sink.

How the Eco bathroom works

The Eco Bathroom’s internal structure has two different water reservoirs. The first one holds the reusable water that comes from the activities in the sink. A filter attached at the top helps filter out dirt before reaching the reservoir. The second reservoir can hold six liters of clean water along with the reusable water from the first one. Six liters of water is needed for the discharge to function and when the reservoir gets emptied, it starts filling up again with clean and reusable water.

The second reservoir has a buoy, so when it exceeds its capacity, water then gets poured to the sewers. The sink can be removed easily for the maintenance of the reservoirs. The discharge features a dual drive system of six and three liters for further water savings.

The Eco Bathroom is a brilliant idea to promote innovative and eco-friendly lifestyles.


via: Designbuzz

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