Edible 3D Printing for Sweet-Toothed Gadget Fans

Posted on Jan 15 2014 - 10:10am by Paul

We love technology and we love 3D printing but, most of all, we love chocolate and other sugary stuff which rots our teeth and keeps our dentists rich.

The good news is that companies have used the CES 2014 in Las Vegas to show us how technology can be used in the future to help us make food. 3D printed food, that is. Sweet, chocolatey treats, to be exact.

2 different 3D printers for people with a rumbly tum have been on show in Las Vegas. The one called Chefjet is smaller and only created monochrome good but the bigger Chefjet Pro can produce fancy coloured stuff.

They are both used to make chocolate and other types of confectionery in shapes which would be extremely difficult to create using conventional cookery methods.

Not Exactly Cheap to Buy


They have been made by the US company 3D Systems but they are going to be pretty pricy once they hit the market. The Chefjet model comes in at £3,000 while the Chefjet Pro will set you back twice that price. There is also a smartphone app called Digital Cookbook which will help out anyone who wants to get started in the world of 3D printed sweets.

Instead of paper and ink, these 3D printers use chocolate and sugar which has been mixed with mint, vanilla, sour apple, watermelon or cherry flavour. The larger (and more expensive) of the printers can produce edible images of a photographic quality, which can then be added to cakes or whatever else you want to look great before you sink your teeth into it.

Would you like to print off your own food?

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