Edifier Aurora 2.1 Speakers Review

Posted on Oct 6 2010 - 10:21pm by Richard Sharp

Edifier has produced a great range of funky and functional speaker systems in the past, we were sent the original version of the Aurora 2.1 speaker system which comprises of a tube shaped sub woofer and 2 small satellite speakers. We loved the punchy sound that came from the speakers and enjoyed the fact that they were portable and took up a small amount of space.

We were sent the black version of the Aurora but they have now released the speakers in a wide range of bright colours.

The portable speakers are primarily designed for use with a PC although we found they worked well with mp3 players and were even small enough to accompany a laptop on a business trip (they are a bit big for every day portable use though). Edifier include a 3.5mm jack so you can basically use it for any audio source, the two speakers produce 22 Watts of power with the tubular sub providing a surprisingly punchy sound for a unit of this size.

Our black review speakers blend in with their surroundings but the same can not be said with the bright colour schemes adorned on the new range. You can choose from orange, red, pink, blue, yellow, silver, electric blue, grey or black. If we had a choice our faveourite would have to be the electric blue although the designers original choice was red.

The Edifier Aurora are available from Amazon for £49.99, you get a good set of speakers for the money with quality rarely seen in this price bracket. They look great too, what colour would you choose?

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