Electric Lightning Electric Car Charges In Under 15 Minutes

Posted on Jul 24 2008 - 3:48pm by Richard Sharp

Electric LightningAnother day, another prototype car featuring some new fangled form of environment saving trickery up its exhaust pipe. Except, in the case of the Electric Lightning sports car, there is no exhaust pipe. It’s not a hybrid and it’s not even an electric car that requires the usual 5 working days recharge time with a 6.2 mile range on full charge. In fact, a cursory glance at the picture will tell you it’s nothing like the electric cars that we’re used to seeing.

A whole bank of rechargable lithium-titanate batteries give it a hoomphing 700bhp and extremely impressive speed figures. Because it doesn’t use the standard li-ion technology that is usually used in the process of recharging batteries, this means that it can actually be recharged in less than quarter of an hour and enjoy more than a 200 mile range.

To achieve this, however, special recharging stations (like giant iPod docks I guess) would need to be erected because our puny home electrics can’t cope with passing¬†the necessary level of electric juice through to the car. Nothing has been planned yet, although the company responsible for the car have the idea of having Electric Lightning docks placed in supermarket stations.

It looks something, I think, like a TVR.

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