Electric Mini Scooter Officially Unveiled

Posted on Sep 30 2010 - 10:33pm by Matt Jackson

OK, so this one has been doing the rounds for a few days but it seems that BMW used the Paris Motor Show as the venue to officially unveil the electric mini scooter; a scooter that seems to live up to the seemingly unwritten law that all electric vehicles must look at least slightly daft otherwise they don’t carry true green credentials.

We do understand that there’s some quite unique tech goes into the design and manufacture of electric vehicles, whether they’re cars, motorbikes, scooters, or any other vehicles. Nevertheless, we don’t think there’s any excuse for making them look the way they do.

Electric concept cars tend to look ultra smart and sleek, a lot like the Peugeot HR1 concept car but something explodes during the process going from concept to manufacture and instead of the aggressive but sporty looking HR1 you end up with something ludicrous and hideous like the BB1. A good rule of thumb is that if the car or other vehicle is designed as looking quirky then it means it looks dreadful.

The Electric Mini Scooter looks quite quirky. In fact it would look at home down a drive parked next to the incredibly quirky BB1.

The Mini Scooter E Concept has wheels modeled on your child’s Lego set and the type of colour that you would expect to see in their bumepr book of colouring from your last holiday. It’s a two seater scooter so any mate that loses a bet can be forced to get on the back too.

Fortunately, it seems unlikely that the electric scooter will go into production exactly as is because it has a nifty little smartphone holder on the handlebars which health and safety will be able to list a good three dozen reasons why that can’t be allowed. Apparently, the bike itself can also be started by a smartphone – we would say that doesn’t very secure but we’re guessing there aren’t too many hardened criminals that will want to steal one to be honest.

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