ELONEX 511EB eReader Review

Posted on Jul 1 2010 - 8:27am by Richard Sharp

There’s nothing quite like snuggling down in the evening with a good book and a glass of something. Now that reading has joined the growing list of “things which are even better if you do them electronically” we can use the ELONEX 511EB eReader to read our favourite books, although unfortunately eDrinks haven’t yet been invented to go with it.


The idea of the eReader is something comfortable and easy to carry around with you or to read propped up in bed. It certainly meets those criteria, being just the right size and shape to make the carrying and holding of it a pleasure rather than a chore.


The fact that you can change the font size and the ultra high resolution on the screen should help you avoid hurting your eyes when you get caught up in reading something. Possibly the most clever innovation on the ELONEX 511RB eReader is the fact that it only uses energy to turn pages. This means that even slow readers can get 8000 pages out of one charge.

You can also listen to music, while the built in microphone lets you record memos. An important point is that this eReader supports Windows 7, Windows Vista (32 or 64 bit) and Windows XP (just 32 bit on this one).

A few people have advised of problems with embedded images but if you look at the Waterstone’s site you will see the possible solutions.


Book lovers who are also gadget lovers will be in heaven with this offering. If you pick up the Waterstone’s offer where they give you a free memory card with the eReader you can store a huge number of eBooks on it and have constant access to them. The free card also comes with 100 books loaded on it. This isn’t the first eReader on the market but the ELONEX 511EB eReader is the best value one around at the moment and doesn’t sacrifice quality or features to achieve this.

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