Enjoy All the 6D Fun of Sinking with the Titanic in a Chinese Theme Park

Posted on Jan 16 2014 - 6:18pm by Robert

The sinking of the Titanic was a human tragedy, with over 1,500 deaths being claimed in the disaster. Thankfully, the fact that more than a century has passed since it collided with that fateful iceberg means that the world is probably ready for a full-sized Titanic replica in a Chinese theme park.

The beauty of the project by the Seven Star Energy Investment Group is that you will get to sink with the ship. The work is going to be completed by 2016 at the Romandisea Seven Star International Cultural Tourism Resort.

A Big Investment

Titanic theme park launch

The project is expected to cost a cool billion Yuan, which is a little over £100 million. The idea is to model the attraction on the Olympic, which was the sister shop of the Titanic. It will then be placed in a theme park near the Qi River in central Sichuan, over 900 miles from the sea.

Su Shaojun is the CEO of Seven Star Energy and he said that he thinks that it’s “worth spreading the spirit” of the shipwrecked vessel. He went on to claim that the “universal love and sense of responsibility” which was clear during the shipwreck shows the “spiritual richness of human civilisation”.

Anyone who fancies soaking up some universal love and wallowing in spiritual riches in Sichuan will find that the model of the Titan offers a 6D simulation of the moment the ship sunk. This will include sounds effects and lights.

Shaojun thinks that the attraction will be so realistic that tourists will think “the water will drown me” and as their merry holiday continues they will then think “I must escape with my life”.

Would you go on a Titanic attraction like this?

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