Enter At Your Own Risk

Posted on Aug 31 2008 - 9:53pm by Richard Sharp

The Enter DoorbellOccasionally we become a bit complacent over the design of certain everyday items but fortunately there’s always a designer willing to come along, break the mould, face unbearable obloquy and right the balance of the universe once again.

The doorbell could potentially be seen as one such item. Innovations like the obnoxious chime doorbell and the constantly lost portable doorbell have thankfully been replaced by the mundane and ordinary. Designer Li Jianye has different ideas and has created what can only be described as geekiest looking doorbell even dreamt up.

The Enter doorbell is shaped like the Enter key on a stadard computer keyboard – a satirical look at a digital age or a bit of fun for the technically addicted? You decide. One thing’s for sure, it’ll probably raise a smirk on all your visitors even maybe the Jehovah’s.

The chime should sound like an old tape deck computer when it was loading, and then you’d have no option of ignoring it the next rime it screeched. OK, so it’s not particularly practical, nor does it really break down any unseen barriers but hey, it’ll raise a smile before it gets nicked.

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