Entertaining Garden Gadgets

Posted on Jun 8 2009 - 9:17pm by Richard Sharp

Finally, Summer is approaching, and with all fingers crossed and bated breath, we await to see if the forecasted ‘barbecue Summer’ materialises. As entertaining as weather watching is, there are other ways to jazz up your garden and provide amusement for yourself, your friends and your family. Entertaining garden gadgets are the latest and greatest way to bling out your (back)yard and be the hostess with the mostess! So, if you are up for a little Summer shopping, read on to know what is hot, and will make you look cool, when entertaining in the garden this Summer.

When chillin’ out in your yard on a hot sunny afternoon, you will need somewhere to park your booty. And what says ‘cool’ more so than a Lazy Days Hammock. The epitome of ‘laid back’, the Lazy Days Hammock is lightweight to transport, but a heavy weight when it comes to style and ease of use. As pointed out in the product description, it is very hard to come by two perfectly spaced out trees (as much as they may resemble them, your mates do not count!). With this in mind, the
Lazy Days Hammock was dreamt up, and “hey, presto”, you can lounge about in the sun on this fantastically entertaining garden gadget, with the same comfort you could expect if you were suspended from some palm trees on a tropical island… well, almost! The Lazy Days Hammock also makes a brilliant present!



If you are planning to do some serious partying in your garden, and perhaps you live in a detached house, where you will not annoy your neighbours (or perhaps you live in a tiny terraced house, hate your neighbours and want to spoil Summer for everyone around you with really loud music), then this next gadget is for you!

The weather-proof Soundcast Outcast Outdoor Speaker is specially designed to withstand all the elements you would expect it to be exposed to in your garden. It is also designed to be linked up to an iPod docking station (which is left inside, up to 100m away), and then you can enjoy music outside in your garden. Such a fantastically entertaining gadget does come with a hefty price tag (somewhere in the region of £500) but that’s surely a small price to pay for crystal clear 8″ bass woofer?




The next fantastic entertaining garden gadget that is sure to find its way to your backyard this summer, is the
Lay-Z-Spa. No longer will you have to suffer hot tub envy, when you can have your very own, affordable, portable spa! The Lay-Z-Spa is designed to fit four adults comfortably, and it only takes around half an hour to set up. Once up, you simply fill with water and then the party can really get started! Once the word is out, you may have to literally beat your friends away with a stick, such is the popularity of a Lay-Z-Spa! Or, if you like to bathe alone, or only with loved ones, a
Lay-Z-Spa is the perfect place to relax, unwind and let the stresses and cares of the day gently bubble away!




For those of you who want to purchase an entertaining garden gadget, but do not have a garden, then you need an
AeroGarden. The AeroGarden is the ultimate in growing herbs and plants indoors. Using innovative technology the plants grow in a soil-less environment, and having their own sources of heat, light and nutrients, it means that you can grow all year round! No longer will you have to buy limp herbs from the supermarket, or Genetically modified tomatoes! The
AeroGarden is super speedy at growing plants and herbs, (estimated three weeks quicker than conventional growing methods!). This makes the AeroGarden the answer to any and every indoor growing question you may ever have had! The
AeroGarden does not come cheap, (costing around £100) but it does come with seeds, and you can purchase additional seeds when required.

There are many other wonderful and entertaining garden gadgets available to buy, both in the shops and online. For example the R/C Drinks Cooler, which is controlled by a bottle top inspired remote control and will really be the envy of all your mates! Simply fill the R/C Drinks Cooler with ice, add a few bottles of your favourite beverages and you can bring the drinks to you at the touch of a button! Sheer genius!

Add some ambient lighting to any garden soirées you may be planning this Summer with solar powered lights and lanterns. You can even get Solar Powered Fairy Lights and Solar powered plant pots, all perfect to pimp out your garden and all of which definitely have an entertainment factor!

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