Etre Touchy Gadget Gloves Review

Posted on Dec 29 2009 - 12:04pm by Richard Sharp

etre touchy glovesFingerless gloves used to be reserved for the homeless, but style gurus have appropriated them for the general public over recent years. However, to identify the Etre Touchy gloves as mere items of fashion is to undersell their main gadget-based function; providing you with free fingers to interact with your mobile phone and portable gadgets without the hindrance of a fleecy layer of wool in between your digits and the touch screen or thumb stick. The Etre Touchy gloves have no covering for the thumb and index finger on both hands, whilst the remaining fingers will be swaddled in a warm covering as you would expect on a traditional glove. This is more of a hybrid fingerless item for the iPhone age. With index finger and thumb available you can text, touch, swipe, pinch and zoom using the iPhone or iPod Touch’s capacitive screen, although anyone with a mobile phone of any type will benefit from the immediate improvements to tactile interaction that the Etre Touchy gloves offer. Some gadget-related clothing can be fun for a while without being particularly practical, but in the winter these gloves will become indispensable.

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